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Stardust Completes Campaign for Corona


Stardust created 10 animated television spots for Corona – one for each city in its promotion.

Bi-coastal production company Stardust recently delivered a 10-spot campaign for Corona that supports its promotion to send 30 lucky fans on a trip to a top football destination. Stardust was recruited for the project via agency Pereira & O’Dell to develop a package of fast-paced, high-energy animated shorts in a contemporary hand-drawn comic style.

The Corona campaign celebrates the start of the football season and features more than 11 minutes of original animation that echo the humor and signature rapid-fire delivery of narrator Jon Gruden. Each of the 10 spots is just over one minute long, and celebrates the football credibility of cities, including Chicago, Dallas, Green Bay, Knoxville, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and New Orleans, all of which are destinations in Corona’s “Find Your Beach for the Game” promotion. The spots debuted last week on Facebook, YouTube and via an online media buy.

“Working with Stardust was truly a creative collaboration,” said Kathy Zembera, interactive producer, Pereira & O’Dell. “We loved what they brought to the table visually and stylistically, playing up the humor in the voiceover and developing a clean, sophisticated animation style that is perfect for the target audience that we’re reaching out to with this campaign.”

A team of five illustrators and six animators led by Stardust senior designer and AD Bill Bak spent two months developing the style, look and characters for this project working off of scripts developed by the agency, and created the animation to match the voiceovers from Gruden which had been recorded in advance.

“The series was an opportunity for the whole team at Stardust to experiment with tools of illustration, comedy and character design,” Stardust’s managing director Dexton Deboree said. “Our team was chomping at the bit to show off their varied skill sets and talents and this project allowed us to do just that. Working with Pereira & O’Dell and Corona was a true pleasure.”

“I’m proud of the team for once again showing how vast their talents are and stepping up to a new challenge and delivering so successfully,” Stardust founder and CD, Jake Banks added.

There was no live action shoot for this campaign, however the team did reference photographs and footage from football games and of Gruden to help guide the animation and characters. The loose illustrative style of the animation was achieved using a combination of hand drawn flash-based cell animation, finished in Adobe After Effects, together with Autodesk Maya for the character animation.

Corona – Find Your Beach from Stardust Studios on Vimeo.

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