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StrawberryFrog Launches “The Girl Epidemic”


"The Girl Epidemic" by StrawberryFrog and Indrani
StrawberryFrog, an international agency devoted to developing cultural movements, will launch “The Girl Epidemic” next week – a jarring new global campaign by Sheetal Mehta the director of Nanhi Kali. Mehta has produced some of the world’s most provocative advertising and communications to raise awareness about her most passionate cause – the education of young girls.

“The Girl Epidemic is our most powerful campaign yet,” said Mehta.

“The Girl Epidemic” shows how girls in some parts of the world are treated like an infectious disease. It highlights the centuries-old absurdity that values the life and potential of a young girl less than a boy, the result of which is the disappearance of girls, and the selling of girls as young as eight years old into sex slavery or marriage. The campaign brings home the message that this is wrong, that it must stop and that education is the cure.

The multiplatfom “Girl Epidemic” campaign also features also an innovative ecommerce site where people can make donations.

To create this powerful campaign, StrawberryFrog worked very closely with the world famous photographer and director Indrani who is known for her work with everyone from Lady Gaga to David Bowie. “The results are incredible,” said Mehta. “The StrawberryFrog and Indrani teams traveled to India earlier this year to shoot on location. Through the tenacity and passion of Indrani they were able to capture their extraordinary story on film.”

“This was an important piece of work for me personally,” said Indrani. “I am very passionate about this cause and operate my own girls school near Calcutta. Working with Nanhi Kali and StrawberryFrog was an incredible experience. Together we have created an earthquake that we hope will shake up the world.”

Earlier this year, StrawberryFrog founder and chairman Scott Goodson, launched his book Uprising explaining how to “turn a brand into a movement,” while the agency he founded in 1999 put his words into practice.

“Our goal with this work is to generate more money to educate girl children,” said Goodson. “And we wanted to do this with the greatest weapon we have at our disposal: creativity and innovation.”

Based on the strategy and creative idea developed by StrawberryFrog, director Indrani helped shape the film to feel as if the viewer is getting a firsthand look into the all-too common violent reactions and actions taken against innocent girls in India. The images are shocking and provoking.

“The Girl Epidemic” shows how educating a girl can save the world – if you educate a girl you educate a family, and as a result you reduce overpopulation, environmental impact, hunger, disease and a host of other world problems.

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