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The Colonie’s Joe Clear Evokes Memories of Barbecues Past


The Colonie’s Joe Clear teamed with Leo Burnett for a new spot promoting beef.
The Colonie‘s Joe Clear has edited a new spot for The Beef Council via agency Leo Burnett that celebrates the time-honored traditions of the backyard barbecue.

“Flashback” is the personal tale of a man who learned to cook the perfect steak from his father. As the man slips a cut of meat onto a grill his thoughts drift back to childhood. As a boy standing by his father’s side, he learns the secrets of the family recipe and is handed a pair of tongs in a ceremony laden with emotion. Back in present day, the man sits down at a picnic table with his wife and their young son.

The flashback sequence is told through gold-toned, slow-motion imagery. The mood of fond remembrance is enhanced by an upbeat piano track and Clear’s editing. He guides viewers from the present to the past and back again through a sequence of subtle cuts and dissolves.

“Shooting everything over-cranked added just the right amount of elegance to set the spot apart,” said Clear.

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