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The Colonie’s Tom Pastorelle Edits New Series of Happy Meal Spots for McDonald’s


“Distraction” introduces McDonald’s new Power Ranger happy meal toys.
The Colonie’s Tom Pastorelle edited four spots for McDonald’s and Leo Burnett Chicago, promoting McDonald’s latest happy meals. The spots were produced by Creative Film Management with director Thor Freudenthal and producer Kelly Amato.

“Tommy’s Last McNugget” centers on three boys at a kitchen table “battling” for the last McNugget with their Ben 10: Ultimate Alien toys – until they are interrupted by the arrival of a real alien. In “Sparkle Motion,” two girls have an “Apple Dippers Dance Party” – enjoying apple dippers and chicken McNuggets while playing with Twinkle Toes by Skechers light-up toy shoes.

In “Stomach Has Spoken,” three girls interview “Jenny’s stormach” where their appetite for McNuggets is sated. That leads into a graphic of the new iCarly toys. “Distraction” mixes things up a bit. It’s narrated by Power Ranger Samurais who watch two boys enjoying Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s, and then introduce themselves as the latest happy meal toys.

Pastorelle and the McDonald’s team have been working together for the past seven years. “I really appreciate the fact that I am able to continue to work with these guys,” Pastorelle said. “Tony (Katalinic), John (Hansa) and I have been working together the longest and they are great clients. They are talented, smart and able to communicate their ideas and needs easily to me.”

Pastorelle joined The Colonie in March of this year. Along with McDonalds, he has worked on accounts such as Hampton Inn, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Chicago Bears.

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