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Video of the Day: “Slightly Longer Road Trip” from Mixtape Club


LR-android_slightlylongerroadtrip 2

New York-based production and animation studio Mixtape Club recently partnered with Google Creative Lab to produce a multi-platform campaign, including broadcast, web and out-of-home ads, for the Android mobile operating system.

“We worked very closely with the Creative Lab on the exploratory phase of the campaign before they landed on the final direction,” explained Chris Smith, executive creative director/partner of Mixtape Club. “We collaborated with them to develop the movements and sounds of these characters, and helped evolve the initial idea into the larger campaign.”

The company created five :30 spots and one :15 for TV, as well as a multi-screen animation for 10 digital out-of-home installations on newsstands throughout Manhattan. The company’s integrated partner, Huma-Huma, handled sound and music, including the music that plays during the title card sequence at the end of the spots.

“What we loved about this project was collaboratively building such a cohesive campaign from the ground up, working closely with Google Creative Lab and their creative partners,” said Smith, who is also a composer/partner at Huma-Huma. “It was rewarding to help build the ‘rules’ of this world. Rather than taking an exaggerated and cartoon-like direction, we landed on realistic sound environments and character movements to contrast the hilariously stylized characters.”

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