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Video of the Day: “Which Part Will You Play?”



Marc Raymond Wilkins recently directed a 10 spot campaign for Copa Coca-Cola, a Coca-Cola-sponsored youth soccer tournament uniting talented teenagers from over 60 countries in support of teamwork and sportsmanship. The “Which Part Will You Play?” campaign profiles Copa Coca-Cola’s teen ambassadors from around the world, showcasing how each one contributes a unique strength to his or her team. New spots are rolling out throughout March.

The campaign kicks off with a :45 prologue spot immersing viewers in each teen ambassador’s home as they receive word from Copa Coca-Cola of their acceptance into the tournament. Each ambassador then opens his or her bedroom door to find themselves on the soccer field, sporting jerseys that label the unique role he or she plays on the team – The Machine, The Rock, The Joker, The Rebel, The Artist, The Perfectionist, The Impossible and The Heart. The narrative builds in eight :30 spots profiling each teen ambassador and his or her personal story, leading up to a finale spot. The spots are airing online globally on Copa Coca-Cola’s ambassador page along with behind-the-scenes video interviews.

Wilkins filmed all spots on location in Poland over six days, opting for a documentary-style approach to capture the energy and drive of each ambassador with no filters. Prior to the shoot, each ambassador submitted photos of their actual bedrooms, which were re-created as physical sets inside the stadium in order to illustrate each teen’s cultural and personal identity in the prologue and finale. For each profile spot, Wilkins incorporated text into the live-action, tailoring the color, size and composition to feel organic to each ambassador and their surroundings.

“I love that soccer can eliminate boundaries and be a catalyst for growth, determination and collaboration,” said Wilkins. “In that vein, I wanted to create profiles that were intimate, while at the same time universal in their message. Each of these teens is inspiring and authentic, so using a raw visual style rather than enhancing or finessing served to underscore the reality of their stories and the sense of humanity and common ground that drives the tournament.”

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