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Prime Time Softball League Week 2 Results


Prime Time Softball League
Prime Time Softball League’s Master Chef team 2021

The Prime Time Softball League (PTSL) played its second week of games on Saturday, Sept. 18, and both The Rookie and For All Mankind won their second games, making them the only teams at 2 and 0. After tying its first game against The NeighborhoodAmerican Dad trounced last week’s winner, Master Chef (pictured above).

The Prime Time Softball League is made-up of 11 co-ed teams made up of the cast, crew, staff, and their immediate family from prime time television shows.

The Week 2 results are below:

Saturday, Sep 18

American Dad 23
MasterChef 9

All Rise 10
The Neighborhood 8

For All Mankind 37
The Carlos Watson Show 4

The Rookie 10
Brooklyn Nine Nine 9

Big Brother 17
Minx 6

Here are the current standings:

East Conference:
Team Wins Losses Ties Playoffs
The Rookie 2 0 0 Eligible
For All Mankind 2 0 0 Eligible
All Rise 2 0 0 Eligible
American Dad 1 0 1 Eligible
MasterChef 1 1 0 Eligible
Big Brother 1 1 0 Eligible
The Neighborhood 0 1 1 Eligible
Minx 0 2 0 Eligible
The Carlos Watson Show 0 2 0 Eligible
Young Sheldon 0 1 0 Eligible
Brooklyn Nine Nine 0 1 0 Eligible

The Week 3 games take place on Saturday, Sept. 25 at the below times:

Saturday, Sep 25

The Neighborhood Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gene Sokol )
11:00 AM
For All Mankind

Minx Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 4
(Ump: Gerald Bates )
11:00 AM
American Dad

MasterChef Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gene Sokol )
12:30 PM
All Rise

Big Brother Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 4
(Ump: Gerald Bates )
12:30 PM
The Rookie

Young Sheldon Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gene Sokol )
2:00 PM
Brooklyn Nine Nine
Edward Douglas
Edward Douglas
Edward Douglas has written about movies for print and the internet for over 20 years, specializing in box office analysis, reviews, and interviews. Currently, he writes features for Below the Line and Above the Line, acting as Associate Editor for the former and Interim Editor for the latter.
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