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WGBH Deploys Joseph Electronics Custom Caddie for Full Bidirectional Signal Transport During Remote Broadcasts


Joseph Electronics Fiber Transport Caddie Built for WGBH
Joseph Electronics Fiber Transport Caddie Built for WGBH

Joseph Electronics (JE),  provider of fiber termination and custom fiber solutions, today announced that PBS member station WGBH in Boston is using a purpose-built fiber-transporter caddie from JE to deliver TV and radio signals between its new remote studio at the Boston Public Library and the main WGBH facility seven miles away. The custom JE transporter caddie makes it possible for WGBH to broadcast from the new studio by carrying all A/V, ancillary, and data signals in both directions through one self-contained product.

“WGBH was looking for a cost-effective way to transmit from our new downtown Boston studio located on the street level of the Boston Public Library. Traditional microwave was not a practical option and did not have the necessary bandwidth, so we needed an economical yet totally custom solution,” said Emeric Feldmar, director of engineering at WGBH. “Joseph Electronics exceeded my very high expectations at every step of this project. Every part of the system works perfectly. It is well-designed and well-documented, and the Joseph Electronics team is available for support any time we need it.”

WGBH has full-duplex connectivity that allows operators to manage four cameras with full robotic control; two separate Gigabit Ethernet paths; return video and audio for PA, intercom, IFB, reference, and monitoring; GPIO; DMX lighting control; and all microphones for radio and television, the audio from which is brought back to the station in separate tracks and then distributed within the WGBH facility.

“WGBH came to us with a very specific, complex request, and our engineering team relished the challenge of coming up with an innovative solution to match,” said Yohay Hahamy, president of Joseph Electronics. “Transporting such a large payload bidirectionally in one cohesive system was a tall order, but thanks to our talented engineers and a great working relationship with WGBH, we’ve developed a single-box solution that addresses all of WGBH’s needs.”

Further information about Joseph Electronics and the company’s products and services is available at

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