September 25, 2022
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House of Cards – Season 2 – Teaser Trailer

By Staff


Contender – Visual Effects Supervisor Tim Webber, Gravity

By Beth Marchant

Alfonso Cuarón spent four and a half years making his latest film, Gravity, which since its October release has become both a critical darling and a stand out at the box office. Like Avatar before it, Gravity developed new ways of filmmaking while it waited for technology to catch up. But this is no... »

32TEN Studios Contributes Special Effects to Make A Wish Come True for Five-Year-Old BatKid

By Patrick Graham

San Rafael, Calif.-based 32TEN Studios contributed several practical special effects for Make-A-Wish Foundation’s hugely successful “BatKid” event, held across the city of San Francisco on Nov. 15. »

Elemental Unveils Japan’s First Real-time 4K/HEVC Transmission with K-Opticom

By Staff

Japanese telecommunications operator K-Opticom will use Elemental Technologies’ video processing systems for the country’s first live 4K Ultra-HD high-efficiency video coding (H.265/HEVC) transmission. Elemental Live systems will power real-time video streaming of the Osaka Marathon on Oct. 27. »

AICE Warns Commercial Post Is Being Squeezed by Agencies and Advertisers

By Scott Lehane

The Association of Independent Creative Editors (AICE), a trade association representing U.S. and Canadian commercial editors, released a policy statement earlier this week that addresses a list of current business practices that, when taken together, threatens the health and vitality of its members’ businesses. »

Kodak Emerges From Chapter 11

By Staff

Kodak announced that it has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after completing the final steps in the restructuring process. »

A Surprise Election Result Ends the Palazzo Dynasty at IA Local 729

By Jack Egan

A seismic upheaval in the leadership ranks at one of the IATSE Hollywood unions is continuing to unfold in a bizarre sequence of events. George Palazzo, the business representative and secretary treasurer of IA Local 729 for the last 15 years, and one of the town’s most entrenched and respected labor chieftains, has been... »

Creating an Organic Krypton for Man of Steel

By Mark London Williams

“You have faith in the visual effects process,” said John Des Jardin, (a.k.a. “D.J.”), VFX supervisor for Warner Bros. Superman reboot, Man of Steel. It might be likened to the kind of faith Kal-El’s parents had when they launched their baby from the imploding Krypton, trusting that he would land safely on Earth,... »

New York Approaches Record-Breaking Year in Television Production

By Staff

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the state is approaching a record-breaking year for television production. From CBS to Home Box Office to NBCUniversal, more and more television producers are moving to New York. »

VFX Decimation in 3D

By Mark London Williams

“The California VFX Industry is getting decimated,” award-winning VFX pioneer Phil Tippett posted on Twitter recently, during a night when the social network was ablaze with VFX chatter about outsourcing vs. subsidies vs. studio greed vs. Visual Effects Society (VES) defenders vs. VES detractors, as the business scrambles in the wake of Rhythm &... »

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