Saturday, April 20, 2024
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“29 Minutes To Go”


Does that sound like the lyric to the Johnny Cash song, “25 Minutes To Go,” about the inevitability of an execution?

You bet it does.

From Craig Mazin’s “Artful Writer” website:

Either way, I think a strike is in the cards. Nothing will change my mind about this: we didn’t have to be here. There was a way to play this game that would have avoided a strike and gotten us a deal. We didn’t play it right, and they didn’t play it right.

Both sides failed.

I’m angry at both of them.

Twenty-nine minutes to go.

Does either side even have the will to try anymore?

Don’t hold your breath.

From a “Variety” post, earlier this evening, written by Dave McNary:

In an ominous sign, WGA strike captains have been told to instruct guild members to take their personal items home from offices at the end of work today.

To quote Ice T, from a different era:

“It’s on.”

It’d be nice to be wrong, though.

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