Thursday, April 18, 2024
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“Cheers and Applause”


From Nikke Finke’s “Deadline Hollywood” blog, as she consults with her source inside the WGA meeting:

Insider says the Screen Actors Guild will be joining the WGA picket lines, and that SAG has been in the backroom with the writers guild in all the negotiations. The WGA leadership said they waited until the writers contract expired at midnight on October 31st to see if the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers prez Nick Counter came up with a last-minute (and expected low-ball) offer — but he didn’t. Tomorrow, the WGA West & East negotiations board decides when is the opportune moment for the walkout. They are explaining their strategy now. The meeting was attended by 2,000 guild members tonight, and cheers and applause rose from the crowd when the WGA’s negotiating committee announced its strike recommendation.

“Cheers and Applause.” The sides are not only irrevocably far apart, but in fact reveling in it.

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