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ADG Sets Digital Technology Conference


The Art Directors Guild and the University Art Museum of California State University, Long Beach have announced a two-day conference called 5D – The Future of Immersive Design. The conference, to be held Oct. 4-5, will be “the first-ever” dealing with the convergence of visual storytelling and design technology, according to the announcement from the ADG and the art museum.

The project, long in the planning, is a major endeavor by the ADG to keep its membership up to date. “New digital tools and technologies are blurring the divides between film, television, architecture and gaming, and are having tremendous impact on design processes in narrative media,” said ADG president Tom Walsh.

“In order for these designers to remain relevant, they must be fluent in the new language that unites their creative methodologies,” he added. “The next generation of artists and designers need to develop the awareness and understanding of what is now possible. 5D will educate, invigorate and cross-pollinate the new breed of immersive designers who face this rapidly changing and converging design landscape.”

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