Monday, July 22, 2024
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An “uh oh” moment, or just a hiccup?


Latest, as we head into the weekend, according to the tipsters working Nikki Finke’s blog:

“There’s little more to say about Wednesday’s talks other than that, unfortunately, ‘This is not heading in the right direction,’ a mogul quoted his labor exec as saying to him yesterday. Another source told me, ‘It’s stalemated. Nothing’s getting achieved.'”

If so, this contradicts yesterday’s producer-ly optimism. The key here is that if this round of talks fall apart, and we go into the new year, with its shakier economy, and jobs start shedding in Hollywood at an accelerated rate…

Well, as we wrote in a previous column, the ensuing panic will breed a probably unprecedented amount of resentment toward both sides. And/or: Perhaps new tactics altogether will have to be used to bring the corporations around, and get the writers writing.

Maybe that half-joked about “Google option” — getting the giant company to invest in alternate means of content distribution (exactly the sticking point in this imbroglio)– will be back on the table for the writers and makers of shows, if those sequestered in the unnamed hotel right now fall out, and apart, before the holidays are finished.

By the way, any guess which hotel it might be? We have our own strong suspicions here at BTL…

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