Friday, July 12, 2024
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Producer Pal sez: “A deal *has* been reached. But…”


So there we were, starting off our morning with some coffee and a lively discussion of children’s books. The discusee was a BTL-friendly Producer Pal.

When the discussion inevitably turned toward The Strike, PP said “a deal has been reached!” Meaning, as per the reports, over that “non-talking” period when various CAA and other agency mavens swung into official/non-official action.

But, PP continued, each side has to take the pretty-much-a-deal back to “their people” to get it okayed. The main hiccup seems to be whether the studios want to agree “right now.”

In other words, a before-Christmas end to the strike makes everyone feel swell and virtuous, etc. But — it doesn’t allow studios to shed enough of the production deals they want to get rid of.

A strike going at leaast eight weeks — into the new year — does just that. A happy New Year and have another cup of “force majeure!”

So, we will see. But you know, between the java and the rugala, it all made sense.

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