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Crew & craft folk announce "Back to the Table!" March/Rally for Dec. 2, 9-11 a.m.


Here at BTL we’ve received several emails announcing a “Back to the Table!” rally for Dec. 2, to rally support for the very idea of getting this strike negotiated and resolved.

The idea is to meet at Hollywood & Vine, and march to Hollywood & Highland…

The notion was making the rounds before last night’s surprise announcement of resumed talks between producers and writers (which the Deadline Hollywood blog is attributing to behind-the-scenes maneuvers from various agents...) Presumably, then, now that both sides say they will get back to the table, the rally will now serve to add to the pressure to get this resolved early, and now.

Imagine the fury at both sides if the second round of talks falls apart…

First email:

Back to the Table March/Rally – Dec 2 9a-11a

Hello to all,

Let’s do this! Talk is cheap and in mass numbers we will make a point. According to emails I have received it looks like Dec. 2nd? it’s a Sunday. It’s about time as craftspeople we unite for something other then ourselves. The Working Class in this Country has been quiet for too long. So many of us are busy trying to maintain what we have yet we spend more energy attacking those who have the lease. This moment is for all the Below The Line Folks, we can walk in Unison and say ENOUGH!


Second email:


The response to the initial email has been overwhelming. I’ve received over 100 emails today in response, every single one positive. Most from people I do not know, which means you are all sending this to friends and colleagues — perfect!

Our objective should be to get absolutely everyone involved — please feel free to send this email on to as many people in the industry as you can — all departments, as well as vendors, police, drivers, caterers, etc. This strike affects us all! (For those of you who may be reading about this for the first time, the initial email is reproduced below.)

We are looking to hold this Back to the Table March/Rally on Sunday Dec 2 , 9a to 11a. If all the pieces fall into place, we’ll march from Hollywood & Vine to Hollywood & Highland, where we’ll hold the rally. Mark this date on your calendars so you can be sure to make it — and bring spouses, significant others and kids.

So far we have heard from crew on Nip/Tuck, The Closer, Pushing Daisies, Deperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Saving Grace, Reaper, Samantha Who, Lost, Chuck, Eli Stone, The Office, CSI: Miami, The Unit, My Name is Earl, Legally Blondes, Sweet Nothings, and Swingtown. All have pledged support and said they would turn out…

…We will be setting up a web page, and email list for regular updates. Stay tuned — and get organized!

And the originating email:


I’m casting about to see what kind of support there might be for a mass march and rally demanding that the WGA and the AMPTP get back to the negotiating table, NOW! As Dale Alexander, key grip on The Office, wrote in his letter to the L.A. Times this week, “I respect the WGA’s position. They probably do deserve a larger percentage of profit participation, but a lengthy strike will affect more than just the writers and studios.” For every writer on strike there are some 10-20 crew members out of work. For every AMPTP member staying away from the negotiating table, there are 20 industry professionals unemployed. For every television series shut down, there are over 100 crew people without jobs. (Here on Nip/Tuck alone, we have 7 writers out on strike, and 120 crew members out of work.)

Sooner or later this strike will be settled. Why wait four or five or six or ten months, causing untold damage to our industry and ruining lives. GET BACK TO THE TABLE NOW, and work seriously and responsibly at negotiating a new contract. Drop all the spin, on both sides, and start talking to each other. We in the work force can sit back idly and do nothing, passive victims of this devastating blow to our industry and our careers, or we can take action ourselves, demanding that the opposing sides get serious and get to work hammering out a deal.

A contract will be forged sooner or later — let’s demand that they stop posturing and get back to the hard business of working it out


The e appears to have originated with a line producer on Nip/Tuck….

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