Monday, July 22, 2024
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WGA "Source" checks in:


From an email from BTL’s aformentioned WGA Source. Passing along the trenchant paragraphs for general edification and rumination:

ANYWAY. I did just want to say this about the IATSE neighbors – they have been OVERWHELMINGLY supportive. They TOTALLY get why we’re striking – they understand that fair is fair, and they also understand that their jobs originate with us. Without scripts, no work. When they say “we’re fucked” that was kind of a collective “we” because they know I’m fucked too. And they also fully understand that at any given time, half of us are out of work, so we income average – that big paycheck we might get for 13 episodes goes away for the next two years, and we’re left with what we saved + our residuals while we write the next spec script we hope to sell that will generate MORE work for them.

And a couple of them are coming with me to Hollywood Boulevard on Tuesday for the big march. Just wanted to say all that. They’ve been amazing.

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