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Production News Weekly Feb. 21, 2018 Where The Jobs Are

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Where The Jobs Are


After weeks of talking about production increasing in cities like New Orleans, Houston, Atlanta and Chicago, film production in Los Angeles is on a high. Developing the necessary talent pool locally helps to stymie the loss of entertainment jobs to other locales that Los Angeles has been struggling with in the last decade. Other cities in the U.S. and abroad have lured film and TV crews away from Los Angeles with generous tax incentives.

L.A. still has the highest concentration of entertainment industry employment, with 220,860 payroll jobs. About 150,370 are employed in the motion picture and sound recording industries. L.A.’s longtime biggest competitor, New York, employs about 39,700 in motion picture, video production and post-production services, according to the New York Empire State Development Corporation.

Most job growth in the entertainment industry is a result of replacement jobs—openings created due to regular turnover or retirement.

It’s even more imperative to foster local talent, now that a growing proportion of jobs are in digital media.


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