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Supreme Court of Nova Scotia Upholds Certification of Egg Films


IATSE Local 849 won a four-year legal battle in Nova Scotia to secure a collective agreement with Egg Films, the largest producer of commercials in Atlantic Canada.

The majority of the technicians employed by Egg are members of the union. Local 849 had approached the owners of Egg to voluntarily recognize the union, which would ensure their employees were provided with health and retirement benefits. When the company owners refused, the local filed an application for certification with the Nova Scotia Labour Relations Board.

After a lengthy and expensive process, the province’s Labour Board certified Local 849 on Sept. 7, 2012. But Egg Films refused to accept the board’s final decision and filed for judicial review.

Last week, the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia dismissed the judicial review application and upheld the decision of the Nova Scotia Labour Relations Board to certify IATSE Local 849.

In a statement, the union said, “The International and Local 849 are looking forward to concluding bargaining and working with Egg Films in the future, while finally securing health and retirement benefits for their members.”

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