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LightHouse Films Signs Directors Pepe Lansky and Julien Rocher for U.S. Representation


Photo courtesy of Pepe Lansky
Photo courtesy of Pepe Lansky

New York based commercial production company LightHouse Films has signed tabletop food director, Pepe Lansky, and car director, Julien Rocher, for U.S. representation.

Based in Paris, Pepe captures shape, texture, and movement by utilizing special effects techniques crafted specifically for food, in an attempt to bring a fresh perspective to advertising. His commercial work aims to leave viewers with their mouths watering. Pepe’s approach to directing food tabletop has led him to work with clients such as KFC, McDonald’s, Yoplait, Lavazza, and Moe’s Southwest Grill.

“When I taste a specific flavor, visuals attached to a particular emotion, dream, or memory immediately comes to me. I strive to translate these feelings directly into my work as a food director,” explained Lansky. “I want to use my palate of flavors just as an artist uses various paints to redefine the way we perceive everyday foods. I am really looking forward to collaborating with U.S. agencies and brands to challenge myself, as well as shift the way traditional advertising campaigns approach food.”

Having an established reputation in Europe with upcoming spots for McDonald’s and KFC, Lansky has already gained traction in the U.S. He recently applied his visual magic to a broadcast campaign for Moe’s Southwest Grill, promoting their new Homewrecker Burrito and Burrito Bowl. The series of spots had the food literally jump off the plat: herbs crash into a spinning piece of steak, and tortillas dance through the air, while rice and beans defy gravity.

“Pepe intricately captures movement on camera as though he were choreographing a fantastic waltz of ingredients,” said Thibaut Estellon, owner/executive producer of LightHouse Films, adding that, “Our mission is to discover the most distinctive and innovative emerging talent. Pepe not only fulfills, but embodies what we look for in a director. Watching Pepe direct on set was like watching an orchestrator conduct a beautiful piece, leaving no detail or ingredient overlooked. I feel that Pepe’s unique and highly creative arsenal of directing skills will allow us to offer clients something truly special.”

Represented by Wanda in Europe, and previously with Troll Pictures in the U.S., Julien Rocher now joins the LightHouse Films roster. Rocher’s diverse work is informed by both his technical knowledge and creative heritage.

“What inspires me most about the automotive industry is the range of possibilities it offers. I am able to create highly dynamic, fast-paced, and primarily visual work, showing off all of the awesome aspects of a particular car. I can also direct more narrative-based commercials, allowing me to sell a brand through storytelling using authentic concepts and refined cinematography” said Rocher.

Photo courtesy of Julien Rocher
Photo courtesy of Julien Rocher

Rocher was born and raised in France within a community of artists and creatives who nurtured his interest in filmmaking. Following that passion, he began his career as an editor before transitioning into cinematography and directing underwater documentaries. Rocher later launched a career in the commercial world with a current focus on the automotive industry. To date, Rocher has worked with globally-renowned brands including Infiniti, Nissan, Renault, Mazda, Honda, PayPal, Armani, and L’Oreal alongside agencies like Publicis, Sid Lee, AKQA, BETC, and more.

Rocher continued, “I believe it is important to be represented by a company that you not only feel comfortable with, but that pushes your work to reach its full potential. I found all of this in LightHouse Films, which is why I am so excited to be working with them in creating work that advance my skills and strengthens my passion for filmmaking. I know that the stories I want to tell are only made possible with the right team behind me, and I have the utmost confidence in Thibaut and his team.”

Thibaut Estellon said, “I’ve always been impressed by Julien’s versatility as a director. He not only masters the art of capturing sleek and sexy car shots, but always finds a way to weave in subtle emotions and poignant storytelling. Julien may be characterized as a car director, but he is more than capable of blending this expertise with his prior experience directing lifestyle, fashion, sport, and light comedy. I feel that it is just a matter of time before his work explodes in the U.S. and we could not be more excited to support Julien’s international growth.”

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