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MOOV Selects Vicon to Bring 3D Animation to Quebec City’s First Motion Capture Studio


Vicon Vantage
Vicon Vantage

Vicon, a motion capture (mocap) technology company, has announced that MOOV, the first mocap studio in Québec City, has invested in Vicon Vantage cameras and Vicon’s new VFX mocap software, Shōgun, for their 3D animation services for the video game and film industries. MOOV is a new mocap division of Squeeze Studio Animation, an award-winning animation studio whose credits include Transformers: Age of Extinction, Dragons 3D, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Freedom Cry DLC trailer. Renowned for offering high-quality key frame animation services for clients like Disney, Marvel, Mattel, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, and Ubisoft, Squeeze decided to expand its offering with a new mocap studio in response to high demand for realistic animation for video games and films.

“With the creation of MOOV, Squeeze becomes a unique one-stop shop for high-quality animation projects,” said Denis Doré, Squeeze’s CEO, president and co-founder. “By combining Squeeze’s keyframe expertise and MOOV’s mocap knowledge, and by using Vicon’s very advanced technology, we are able to push our animations to the next level and bring more magic into the art of animating characters.”

Vicon’s Vantage cameras help MOOV to deliver realistic 3D animations for the most technical projects. The powerful combination of Vicon’s long-held, 16-megapixel resolution and its processing algorithms and tracking capabilities, reportedly enables Vantage to capture much higher quality data, providing benefits to the film and video game industries.

Working with Vicon Vantage cameras, Vicon’s newest software Shōgun, aims to give MOOV real-time metrics on all the key factors affecting camera and system health. This will allow the team to quickly recalibrate cameras on the fly within minutes while continuing to capture performances. With Shōgun’s unbreakable real time, Vicon attempts to make capturing multiple actors completing complex interactions—like folding arms, hugs and stunt work with props—easy and intuitive. With direct support for all the major real-time game engines, previsualization and animation processes are enhanced with direct visualization of the final scene.

“The combination of Squeeze’s expertise in animation, MOOV’s extensive mocap acumen, and Vicon’s industry-leading technology creates a highly compelling offering for Quebec City’s burgeoning film and games industry,” said Jeff Ovadya, sales director at Vicon. “With Vicon Vantage cameras and Shōgun software, MOOV can help video game and film producers bring their creative visions to life with the highest-quality realistic animations.”

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