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Beauté et Bête Debuts with New Fashion Film


Desire Without End
Desire Without End

Visual artists Elizabeth Perrin and Kenny Morrison have joined forces to form Beauté et Bête, a new division of New York-based Nola Pictures that will specialize in elegant explorations of the fashion and beauty worlds. The duo recently created Desire Without End – a 4:00 fashion film that illustrates their complementary styles.

Desire Without End is a showpiece of our combined effort and point of view,” explained Morrison. “We are both interested in fashion and wanted to create a cinematic story that would move fashion content forward. At the same time, the piece showcases the tension between two very different people with mutual interests, but of the opposite sex… This difference is at the core of our creative process.”

Shot at New Orleans’ Marigny Opera House, Desire Without End is an intentionally over-the-top exploration of the human quest for immortality.

“Our goal was to create a strong mood while keeping the overall film intentionally esoteric, to evoke the maximum emotional response,” explained Morrison.

The one-day shoot at the majestic former church required a huge effort on the part of the makeup and wardrobe teams – crews that included former fashion editor for Beautiful Decay Jessica Bosch, New Orleans native and international makeup artist Gina Crozier, and movie hair stylist Tony Ward.

“We chose the theme of eternal life because it allowed us to telegraph a central tenant of being human while creating a tone piece showcasing extremes – of the ephemeral nature of beauty and the passion of desire,” said Perrin. “Jessica, Gina and Tony created makeup and costumes that beautifully complemented the set and helped bring this whole vision to life.”

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