Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Blueyed Pictures Signs Comedy Director Brendan Beachman



Brendan Beachman
Brendan Beachman

Los Angeles-based Blueyed Pictures has signed comedy director Brendan Beachman for U.S. commercial representation. His talent for on-point casting and his sense of humor can be seen in his commercial work for top brands including Colgate, Braun, Secret Deodorant, Oral B and DOW. In addition to spots, he has also directed longer form content, including the comedy short Statis. Beachman has also amassed a portfolio on the video content crowd-sourcing platform, Tongal, working on numerous campaigns national brands. He recently completed a campaign for Glide dental floss and has a new spot for Norelco upcoming.

“We love Brendan’s signature style of comedy,” Blueyed executive producer Lorraine Schreyer said. “It’s the perfect balance of dark and light. In all of his work, he can transform any message into a universally funny story.”

“He hits the right notes and creates nuances that make a spot memorable,” Blueyed owner/executive producer Jamee Natella said.

“I’m excited to come on board with such a diverse and driven company such as Blueyed,” Beachman said.

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