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Creative Director/Director Nando Costa Joins Shilo


Creative Designer Nando Costa

Creative production studio Shilo announced the addition of graphic artist Nando Costa as creative director and director.

“I have been a friend and fan of Shilo from the early days of its inception in 2001,” Costa said. “I saw it grow and evolve, creating beautiful stories and always enhancing its output quality. It was important for me to have a strong alliance with a studio in the West Coast that was highly respected not only for its CG quality, but certainly for its creative. Another important aspect was the fact that they really valued heavy design infused projects, with strong graphic aesthetics, which is the type of work that really interests me.”

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, but currently living in Portland, Ore., Costa is a live-action director, creative director and graphic artist. He joins Shilo after consulting as creative director at digital creative agency Instrument, following his time with Superfad, Modernista! and Digital Kitchen where he held the same position. Through those and his personal companies Nakd and Nervo, Costa has produced an archive of visually stunning works across TV, print and interactive media. His work for global brands includes Absolut, Adobe, Apple, Budweiser, Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola, FOX, Hummer, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lexus, Microsoft, MTV, Napster, Nike, Nintendo, Samsung, Timex, Warner and Zune.

“What I love about Nando and his work is that it has a really strong voice and artistry to it,” said Jose Gomez, Shilo owner and director. “You don’t see that enough in commercial filmmaking, but in his work you get a sense that you really are watching a moving piece of art.”

“Even for the biggest of clients, Nando always brings a very personal sensibility,” said Arthur Portnoy, Shilo’s executive producer. “He often creates innovative techniques specifically for new projects, and his work always feels very crafted and homemade, and also, very genuine and approachable.”

The curator behind the design books Brasil Inspired and Disorder in Progress from Die-Gestalten Verlag. Costa has spoken at more than 24 design-related events and conferences in the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America, and his original artwork has appeared in exhibitions worldwide. Over the years, he has also created main titles and presentation graphics for many prestigious international design conferences.

“That’s why he’s a perfect fit for Shilo,” said Gomez. “He shares our passion for creating work with a high level of artistry and meaning. Also, having him in our lineup strengthens our mission of bringing memorable and compelling work to our clients.”

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