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Grey’s Anatomy Turns to Real to Reel Locations


Inside the House Research Institute in Los Angeles.

When the location department from the TV series Grey’s Anatomy called Real to Reel Locations (RTR) in July, the challenge was for RTR to find the show a medical facility in L.A. that could stand in as a famous, out-of-state medical clinic for multiple episodes. Because RTR represents many medical facilities in the L.A. area, RTR offered several potential options for the show’s consideration. The show’s location department ultimately selected L.A.-based House Research Institute, a non-profit hearing health facility, with its modern setting.

“The great thing about this, is that the Grey’s Anatomy cast and crew had their famous out-of-state medical clinic without the hassle of them having to travel and leave Los Angeles,” Gary Onyshko, RTR’s president and CEO, said. “They therefore enjoyed a substantial money savings for these multiple episodes for that reason alone.”

“I’ve been using Real to Reel for more years than I can even count,” jokes George Larson, Grey’s Anatomy key location manager. “When we needed a venue to replicate the clinic, we went to Real to Reel and they hooked us up with the House Research Institute, and that worked out really well.”

“The production team from Grey’s Anatomy worked closely with us, and everything ran very smoothly during the times they were shooting here,” said Marilee Potthoff, director of community education and outreach for the House Research Institute. “It was a lot of fun to host them. We began hosting productions here about three years ago, through Real to Reel, obviously to help us boost our income, which our relationship with RTR has done. We are looking forward to watching the four episodes in which the House Research Institute will be starring on network television, when they air this fall.”

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