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Kangaroo Alliance Signs With Global Mechanic Media


Vancouver-based hybrid production company Global Mechanic Media has added the animation director duo Kangaroo Alliance to its roster of acclaimed directors. The team that is Kangaroo Alliance are designer Lauren Gregg and animation director Craig Sheldon. Bruce Alcock, Global Mechanic Media’s founder and creative director, reported that he has been looking far and wide for creative talent that fills his vision of an integrated production company and is thrilled to have found these two and to be able to add them into the fold.

“In the business where there is a demand for great ideas and execution there of, we are always looking for people who have the interesting and quirky ideas, but also the confidence of a contemporary creative. These guys fit that need perfectly,” said Alcock.

“As children of the early 80s, we grew up with our faces glued to the TV. If we weren’t inside watching cartoons, we were outside pretending to be them in our backyards! And now, we get to make them!” said Gregg and Sheldon. “We pride ourselves on making imaginative animations and creating fun characters to live inside them. We’re so excited and honored to be a part of Global Mechanic. There is an energy to each artists’ work that immediately takes hold of you. We can’t wait to work with such cool, creative folks!”

Gregg and Sheldon, aka Kangaroo Alliance, are two best friends who met while studying at the Ringling School of Art and Design. They became pals very quickly and one day decided to register the domain name www.kangarooalliance.com with no idea what it would be for. The answer came a few years later when The Band of Montreal asked them to create a music video for their new song “Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games”. At the time Gregg and Sheldon were living in two different parts of the country. Gregg did the drawings, sent them to Sheldon, and he would animate them. Years later and several commercials and shorts produced, Gregg still makes the drawings and Sheldon still makes them move. But now they work out of the same studio. The Kangaroos are dedicated to making fun animations, throwing pizza parties, and discussing which dinosaurs would win in a fight against each other. They’ve worked for such clients as Nick Jr, Yo Gabba Gabba, Disney Television Animation, MTV and “various commercials about cat litter, dirty dogs, homeless pets and tampons.”

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