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Eden FX Delivers VFX for new MTV Series Teen Wolf


Eden FX is handling VFX for MTV's dramatic series Teen Wolf.
Eden FX is creating all of the visual effects for the new MTV dramatic series Teen Wolf. Filled with suspense, horror and the struggle to discover one’s true identity, the new MTV series puts a modern spin on one of the most popular classic films of the 1980s, MGM’s Teen Wolf. The re-invention comes alive as a sexy thriller set against the drama of high school life with a forbidden, romantic love story at its core.

Visual effects supervisor John Gross and his team at Eden FX will be creating a variety of visual effects for the series, from simple wire removals and eye glows, to full-blown matte paintings, transformations and full CGI character creation.

Teen Wolf is a really exciting project for us,” said Goss. “We get to flex a lot of our creative muscles, and working with the production is a real pleasure. We’re all in sync regarding the look of the visuals for the show, and that’s a big plus.”

“John Gross and his team at Eden FX are without a doubt some of the top pros in the business of film and television visual effects,” said executive producer Jeff Davis. “Not only have they gathered together an extraordinarily talented group of artists, but they are also some of the most consistently professional and pleasurable people with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. From the creation of stampeding deer to rampaging werewolves, they’ve exceeded our expectations at every turn.”

“When Jeff Davis and I went to Eden FX for the pilot, I remember one particular scene. I had provided some rough plates of the Scott McCall character stumbling back in the forest. Eden’s artists produced this great scene of the deer stampede. When I saw it, I asked, ‘Can one of the deer crash to the ground near Scott?’ Within 2 days there it was! The deer hitting the ground, dust flying, its mouth opened in pain and anger from the fall…it was perfect!” added Russell Mulcahy, director/co-executive producer of Teen Wolf.

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