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Leila Bartlam Joins Cut+Run as UK Managing Director


Leila Bartlam
Cut+Run has announced that Leila Bartlam joined the London office as managing director after a her time as head of TV at creative agency Adam & Eve. This agency earned Ad of the Year at British Arrows and Gold of Golds at Creative Circle for its massively popular “John Lewis The Long Wait.” The Telegraph called it the best TV ad ever.

“We are thrilled and honored to have Leila join Cut+Run,” company founder/editor Steve Gandolfi said. “She has one of the brightest minds in our industry and is truly respected.”

Bartlam’s move reflects her passion for the creative process and her interest in company management and strategy. Appointed as HTV in 2009, she oversaw the agency’s body of work for all clients and built up her career, while also nurturing existing and now long-standing relationships. On the agency side, Bartlam established creative partnerships with other companies, including Cut+Run.

“I have always been impressed with the work coming out of Cut+Run,” Bartlam said. “They have made some brave choices that have paid off creatively and I feel like I am starting at a time when the company has gathered real momentum.”

Bartlam’s new role will include elements of her previous position, including an ability to find great people and offer opportunities for them to excel.

“When we met Leila she just got exactly what we are trying to do at Cut+Run in London,” editor/partner Benjamin Campbell said. “Her wealth of experience in nurturing creative talent at Adam & Eve and helping to build strong creative partnerships will prove to be very exciting for a youthful band like ours.”

Fascinated by the editing process, Bartlam has been known to refer to editors as Timelords and Magicians because of the way they can manipulate footage to create a story or a feeling. She brings her extensive agency acumen to her role at Cut+Run and is an active member of the advertising community including a judge for Rushes Soho Shorts.

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