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Optimus Editor Ruben Vela Cuts Ad Council PSAs


"Feed The Pig"
“Feed The Pig”
Optimus editor Ruben Vela II recently cut three PSAs that were the focal point of the “Feed the Pig” financial literacy campaign created pro bono by KBS+ for the Ad Council and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPAs). KBS+ recently earned the Ad Council’s Gold Bell for creative excellence for the campaign. The spots encourage young adults to take control of their finances and add saving to their lifestyles by humorously portraying young adults in various settings talking with their friends about saving – and not saving – money.

“The most unique thing about working on these spots – and a big factor in their success – was that I four-walled in New York at KBS+ so the agency and I could work hand-in-hand throughout the process,” said Vela. “KBS+ creative directors Grant Simpson and Will Bright were very open from the beginning, with the goal of making the spots as funny as possible. The Ad Council offered us a lot of creative freedom, as well, which really helped bring these spots to their full potential. Also, being able to work on spots that combined both dialogue and comedy was a huge opportunity that provided us with so many possibilities for humorous exchanges.”

Dave Laden directed the spots, which promote a path to financial stability. At the end of each spot, viewers are reminded, “When it comes to financial stability, don’t get left behind,” and are directed to for tools and tips for saving.

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