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Brain Farm Digital Cinema Deploys Fujinon lenses for The Art of Flight


Prepping the Cineflex gimbal. (Photo by Scott Serfas).

Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based Brain Farm Digital Cinema has selected several Fujinon lenses for the company’s aerial cinematography and extreme sport shooting. The feature film, The Art of Flight, is Brain Farm’s latest feature film release using the Fujinon lenses. The death-defying film follows a team of professional snowboarders through remote backcountry terrain, from Alaska to Jackson Hole to Patagonia, as they conquer uncharted snowboarding territory.

Fujinon lenses used for the film include the extreme telephoto HA42x9.7B zoom and the HA14x4.5B wide-angle ENG/EFP lens, incorporated into Brain Farm’s Cineflex stabilized HD aerial camera system. Brain Farm deploys this system primarily in helicopters for aerial cinematography, but also with land and boat-based vehicle mounts in other productions.

“What stood out to me the first time I saw footage shot with the Fujinon lenses was the accurate color they produced and the sharpness of the lens,” executive producer at Brain Farm, Chad Jackson said. “We often film a subject from a very far distance, usually a mountain away. With the Fujinon lenses we captured extremely smooth, sharp images.”

Fujinon's HA13X 4.5HD

Other Fujinon lenses used in production of The Art of Flight included the HA25x16.5BERD, HA23x7.6BERM and HA14x4.5BERD zooms used on PanasonicVariCam 3700 camcorders. The Fujinon TS-P58A image stabilizer was used with their HA14x, HA25x and HA23x lenses on VariCams whenever they needed to stabilize ground-based images.

Brain Farm has used Fujinon lenses in almost all of its projects, including a current Visa Blackcard commercial, a series of World of Red Bull commercials, National Geographic’s critically acclaimed documentary program Great Migrations, and Nat Geo Wild’s adventure series Expedition Wild.

“The Fujinon 42×9.7 we use in our Cineflex gimbal is very fast, with minimal fall off, and it has an incredible zoom range,” Jackson said. “We’ve never before been able to shoot from so far away and keep the image so sharp.”

Brain Farm Digital Cinema’s CEO/president/owner Curt Morgan also serves as primary DP.

“We’re thrilled to be involved with the breathtaking images that Curt and his team produce,” technology manager for Fujifilm North America Corporation, Optical Devices Division, Chuck Lee said.

“They really know how maximize the full visual potential of our lenses and, given the extreme weather and challenging conditions they are used in, Brain Farm’s work is a testament to the true durability and reliability of Fujinon lenses.”

The Art of Flight follows Travis Rice, John Jackson, and other extreme snowboarding daredevils as they dream up new global adventures and elevate the sport to new levels.

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