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FILMLOOK Adds Color Grading via FilmLight’s Baselight


Burbank postproduction facility FILMLOOK Media and Post recently installed a Baselight color grading system from FilmLight. This new system, which includes FilmLight’s Blackboard 2 control panel, will allow FILMLOOK, for the first time, to provide its television clients — such as Disney Channel, Fox, CBS, ESPN and HBO — with color grading services in a file-based workflow. It also allows the company to initiate a new service: DCP mastering for feature films.

“Baselight allows us to remain competitive in a market where clients are increasingly relying on file-based media to complete their projects,” FILMLOOK CEO Robert Faber said. “It also enables us to move into feature film mastering, a new market for us and one with great potential.”

Faber added that Baselight provides a path for future growth. “The system is upgradeable, allowing us to do 4K and beyond as our needs and customer demands grow,” Faber said.

FILMLOOK senior engineer and colorist Allen Kelly noted that Baselight seamlessly integrates with FILMLOOK’S editorial operations. It also fulfills today’s complex deliverable requirements more efficiently. “It gives us the speed and flexibility to work in multiple file formats,” Kelly said.

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