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Cel-Soft to Launch Cel-Scope3D V.2.0 Stereo Analyzer at NAB


(Top) Left-right disparities analysis and (below) depth chart trend displays on Cel-Scope3D.
Cel-Soft will launch version 2.0 of its Cel-Scope 3D stereoscopic analyzer at NAB 2012 in Las Vegas next month.

“New features of Cel-Scope3D version 2.0 include additional easy-to-read graphical disparity scales for common parameters such as depth range, rotation errors, vertical miss-matches and luminance imbalances,” explained Cel-Soft managing director Robin Palmer. “These supplement over 60 different existing multiple display modes which users can choose from to suit their needs.

“One of the most popular displays on Cel-Scope3D is the recently-introduced depth spectrogram,” he added. “Even better than a depth chart, the depth spectrogram enables an operator to see if the 3D is approaching acceptable limits or is jumping around too much for comfort, based on a timeline history. An active cursor can explore this display with a read-out of both spot disparity and timecode values and the timebase can be set to vary from seconds to hours.”

Cel-Scope3D version 2.0 displays can be scaled and arranged as six or eight windows on one or two PC monitors and optionally on a 3D monitor. Left and right channels can be viewed simultaneously together with depth dynamics. Each display window can be set to show waveform, vectorscope and histogram graphics as well as differences in video parameters between each channel.

Cel-Scope3D is available either as a turn-key system or as a software-only system that runs in Windows.

Cel-Scope3D can be coupled via a capture card to systems such as SGO‘s Mistika, Quantel‘s Pablo or Blackmagic Design‘s DaVinci Resolve. It can also operate stand-alone when checking 3D media files. Footage and edits in a wide range of file formats can be viewed and assessed in real time. Disparities are analyzed and displayed as clear and intelligible graphics. It can also be used as an on-set tool for 3D camera rig alignment running on a laptop.

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