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Cinema Devices Introduces New Body Mounted Camera Suspension System


Antigravity photoAntigravity photoSanta Monica-based Cinema Devices announced the release of its new Antigravity Rig, a body mounted suspension system for camera gimbals. The patent-pending system is designed to alleviate operator fatigue during extended shots while holding heavy gimbal stabilization systems.

It allows floor to ceiling boom range of motion without counterweights. The system offers a lightweight feel and is buoyant throughout the entire range with complete motion isolation and elimination of footsteps. It is easily configurable to a narrow footprint to allow it pass through doorways or for large boom shots.

The Antigravity Rig offers fluid camera movement in a variety of settings. The advantages are seen anywhere where the production value of a jib shot and smooth 360° movement would create dynamic production values.

“The system allows a single camera operator to create the same high level of production values as a multi-crew with cranes, jibs, Steadicams and dollies,” said Adam Teichman, founder of Cinema Devices. “This is a game changer in the camera gimbal industry.”

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