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Codex Digital Introduces The Vault


Codex Digital debuted The Vault at NAB – a new on-set laboratory system for review, dailies and deliverables production that supports digital cinema cameras made by RED, ARRI, Sony and other leading manufacturers.

Codex Digital will be demonstrating The Vault at Booth C8615.

A fully featured Vault is a standalone system requiring no external drives. Instead, it relies on its own internal transfer drives. Additionally, through its ability to support all of the most popular professional cameras, it provides a single, standardized workflow for productions employing multiple camera systems. It also has the capability to produce deliverables in all formats required for dailies review, postproduction and archival purposes.

“The Vault is the solution that cinematographers, producers and DITs have been waiting for. It provides a simple, seamless workflow that can be applied to all cameras and service all deliverable needs,” said Codex Digital managing director Marc Dando. “It eliminates much of the complexity involved in designing production workflows while taking full advantage of the efficiencies of file-based production and the ability to share rich metadata.”

The company plans to begin delivering The Vault this summer.

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