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FilmLight Previews Blackboard 2


FilmLight's new Blackboard 2.
FilmLight is previewing its new Blackboard 2 at NAB – an entirely new control surface for the Baselight colour grading system.

After more than two years in development, Blackboard 2 represents a new concept in control surfaces. Every key is “soft” programmable and is labeled from below with back projection that changes as the functions change. Blackboard 2 can therefore accommodate future functionality additions without the need for redesign and suit individual preferences and the needs of individual projects.

Additionally, the control surface includes a series of configurable “haptic” controls that allow users to perform certain functions in a more intuitive and tactile manner. It also features four high-resolution screens that provide the user with live, in-context feedback about complex grading functions.

“Blackboard 2 represents a huge ergonomic shift that will result in increased productivity and transform grading into a more dynamic and exciting process for both the colorist and the client,” said FilmLight co-founder Wolfgang Lempp. “For postproduction service providers, Blackboard 2 offers a way to empower artists and differentiate a facility from its competitors by providing a premium, creative service.” Lempp added that the surface’s bold, curvilinear design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making it an eye-catching addition to any postproduction suite.

Blackboard 2 departs sharply from traditional control services where most keys are hard-wired and require modifiers and/or multiple keystrokes to accommodate an ever increasing feature set. With Blackboard 2, complex functions can be accomplished by a single keystroke. The new control surface is also much easier to learn and master than traditional surfaces as functions are presented in-context. Colorists familiar with the original Blackboard will instantly feel at home with Blackboard 2.

“It is an ideal platform for a client-attended, high-productivity environment”, said Lempp, “whatever the tool used to improve the final image.”

FilmLight will also continue to manufacture and market the original Blackboard. The company plans to begin shipping Blackboard 2 in the summer.

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