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Cooke Optics Sets Out Roadmap for Lens Releases


Cooke Optics laid out a roadmap for delivery of its recently announced lenses, and offered an update about /i3, the latest version of its /i Technology metadata system.

The 65mm Macro and 135mm Anamorphic/i lenses began shipping last month, while the 180mm and 300mm will follow in January 2016. The first of two zoom lenses – the wide 35-140mm – will begin delivery by NAB 2016. A longer zoom is scheduled for the end of 2016.

Cooke is also on course for testing and delivery of /i3 (/i Cubed), the new version of its /i Technology metadata system that provides detailed lens data to VFX and postproduction teams. /i3 firmware now provides distortion mapping – not just a theoretical measurement of all lenses of a particular focal length, but of the specific lens in use.

“Metadata is seen as crucial in other areas of content creation but has not been adopted as widely in acquisition up to now,” said Cooke Optics chairman and owner Les Zellan. “We believe that /i3 is a significant technological advance that will make an enormous difference to VFX and post workflows. The information that we are able to collect from the lens makes mapping so much more accurate, which will save a great deal of time and money in post.”v

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