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Digital Cinema Society Offers Tips on Getting Safely Back to Work in the Age of Covid


DCSSafetyDocThe Digital Cinema Society (DCS) has completed a new mini-doc called Getting Safely Back to Work in the Age of Covid, dedicated to the group’s friend and longtime member, Allen Daviau, ASC, who was an early victim in the COVID pandemic.

The film is directed, edited and hosted by Cinematographer James Mathers, the founder of the Digital Cinema Society, who made it his goal to document solutions to help create safer conditions on sets since the pandemic has affected so many aspects of the production industry.  This educational documentary explores tools and techniques the motion picture industry can use to help work safely despite the current pandemic.

Having adhered strictly to shooting protocols during the production, Mathers said about the film: “COVID-19 has cost lives, livelihoods, and brought the media and entertainment industry to an abrupt standstill. Although there are some positive developments on the horizon in terms of vaccinations and therapies, there are still major uncertainties ahead, and we are a long way from being out of the pandemic woods.”

Sharp readers will member Mathers’ excellent film that offered tips for Looking Your Best on the Web last September, and Lord knows all of us have had to turn to that piece more than once in the six months since!

Mather interviewed a number of filmmakers, business leaders and technologists for his latest venture, asking about their experiences and methods of adapting and integrating technology geared at safer working on set. Participants include: Covid survivor and Steadicam Operator Jeff Muhlstock; Covid Compliance Officer Chris SalasMichael George, Chief Operations Officer— Panavision Inc.; Michael Cioni, Global SVP of Innovation; and Audio Supervisor Nico Ruderman; as well as Panasonic’s Rob Brambila, Panavision’s Director of Product Strategy Aaron Kroger, and Richard Amadril, President of Luminys.

You can watch the mini-doc below, and learn more about those involved and become a DCS member at




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