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Elemental Unveils Japan’s First Real-time 4K/HEVC Transmission with K-Opticom


Elemental Servers

Elemental Servers
Elemental Servers

Japanese telecommunications operator K-Opticom will use Elemental Technologies’ video processing systems for the country’s first live 4K Ultra-HD high-efficiency video coding (H.265/HEVC) transmission. Elemental Live systems will power real-time video streaming of the Osaka Marathon Oct. 27.

“With resolution four times that of HD, demand for 4K content on high-quality, large-format screens is increasing,” said Takao Fujino, president of K-Opticom. “The advanced K-OPT optical fiber network combined with the power and flexibility of Elemental’s software-based architecture is vital to meeting this demand and to enabling this unprecedented experimental transmission.”

The Japanese telco will use Elemental Live systems to provide HEVC encoding of 4K/59.94P material acquired from Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K cameras located at the midpoint and finish line of the racecourse. Each camera will be mounted with an AJA Ki-Pro Quad, which will send source content to Elemental systems via live 3G-SDI interfaces.

Elemental video processing systems will encode live content in real-time HEVC at 4K/30P and stream video over K-OPT optical fiber networks to an NTT Docomo decoder for final rendering on an 84-inch Sony 4K Bravia TV. The public will be able to view 4K live coverage of the marathon in a special K-OPT exhibit located at the Intex (International Exhibition Center) in Osaka.

“The stunning images and high quality of 4K are best showcased at a world-class sporting event like the Osaka marathon,” said Keith Wymbs, VP of marketing for Elemental. “Elemental’s award-winning H.265 codec makes it possible to smoothly transmit 4K images across wideband networks provided by operators like K-Opticom.”

The event will mark the world’s first public demonstration of live 4K HEVC encoding. Broadcasters are increasingly looking to 4K or Ultra-HD TV as “the next big thing.” In the U.S., the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) has been evaluating proposals for a new transmission standard, ATSC 3.0, which will be designed to support 4K over-the-air broadcasting as well as mobile television. Meanwhile, consumer electronics manufacturers have been backing 4K television as a way to drive new TV set sales, after 3D TV failed to live up to expectations.

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