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GoPro Launches HD HERO2 Camera


GoPro announced the release of its new HD HERO2 camera. Twice as powerful as GoPro’s original HD HERO camera, the HD HERO2 enables consumers and professionals to capture and broadcast their most exciting moments in professional quality 1080P HD video and 11 megapixel photos.

The HD HERO line of wearable and gear mountable cameras, which have become popular in extreme sports, are known for their innovative mounting systems, durability and small form factor. The HD HERO2 surpasses its predecessor with several technology upgrades. The HD HERO2’s new processor delivers twice the processing power, taking advantage of a new 11-megapixel sensor that delivers more than twice the image detail along with professional low-light performance.

A totally redesigned wide-angle lens was required to take advantage of the HD HERO2’s increased image-processing, resulting in a lens that’s twice as sharp as the previous model. And with the arrival of GoPro’s new Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote products, slated for release this winter, the HD HERO2 will enable video remote control via the Wi-Fi Remote, smartphones, tablets and computers as well as enabling live GoPro video broadcast from any Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot.

“GoPro created a new category of camera with the HD HERO back in 2009, and it’s gone on to become one of the best selling video cameras in the world,” said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s founder and CEO. “With these big shoes to fill, we invested massively in engineering the HD HERO2 to be one of the greatest, most versatile cameras of all time. We think we’ve achieved our goal and we’re very excited to see the content our customers around the world capture and share with their powerful new GoPros.”

The company has also redesigned the HD HERO2’s user interface for easier use. “The HD HERO2 is much, much easier to use than the original HD HERO. If you know how to use a traditional camera, you can use the HD HERO2 straight out of the box without instructions. This makes the HD HERO2 very powerful as an every-day, easy-to-use consumer camera while retaining all of the features, modes and performance that has made GoPro the best-selling small form-factor HD camera to Hollywood,” said GoPro’s director of product definition, Rudy Samuels.

The HD HERO2’s photo capture performance has also been upgraded. In addition to much improved low-light performance, the HD HERO2 can capture up to ten, 11-megapixel photos in a one second burst mode as well as automatic time-lapse photos with .5 second timing between photos. This increases the success rate when attempting to capture magazine-quality photos during fast action sports and activities.

The HD HERO2 is now available at, specialty retailers, and at Best Buy for a MSRP of $299.99.

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