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Imagineer Systems Brings On Bryan Milne as Vice President of Sales


Bryan Milne
Imagineer Systems has hired postproduction and VFX channel sales industry veteran, Bryan Milne, as its new vice president of sales. With more than 20 years experience in sales and product management in the postproduction industry, Bryan is charged with overseeing Imagineer’s global network of resellers and channel partners, and extending the company’s Planar Tracking systems into new markets worldwide.

“Bryan joins Imagineer Systems at an exciting time for the company. We’ve seen significant growth with mocha, from Hollywood studios to the largest stereo conversion facilities in the world. Now is the time to tap that momentum and explore new market opportunities,” said J-P Smith, chief executive officer, Imagineer Systems. “With over 20 years of experience as a sales and product management executive in the VFX and postproduction industry at companies like Softimage and Southpaw Technology, Bryan brings with him a deep understanding of technology, channels and customers. Additionally, as a channel entrepreneur himself, having launched his own company focused on reselling tools for the VFX and broadcast production markets, Bryan is well steeped in the challenges facing the channel every day. He joins the team well prepared to help us reach new heights in 2012 and beyond.”

Prior to joining Imagineer Systems, Bryan was the vice president of global sales for Southpaw Technology, developer of the Tactic asset management system for digital content creators in broadcast, film, TV and interactive gaming. Prior to that, Bryan founded and was the managing director of Illumina, a software import/export company focused on tools for postproduction, VFX and broadcast. Bryan’s earlier experience as a sales and product management executive at companies such as Softimage and Dynamix, as well as his experience working directly with many of Imagineer Systems’ customers, position him to explore new market opportunities for mocha.

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