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Hive Lighting Unveils Redesigned Wasp Plasma Par


LR-New Wasp Par-emailLR-New Wasp ParLos Angeles-based Hive Lighting announced that it has redesigned its flagship product, the Wasp Plasma Par, to make it more versatile, lightweight and cost-effective. The company will showcase the new Wasp Par for the first time at the 2014 IBC Show in Amsterdam and the 2014 Cinec Show in Munich.

The Hive family of products relies on plasma lighting technology to run on 50% to 90% less energy than conventional studio fixtures. Hive’s lamps use a single plasma source that produces flicker-free, full, even-spectrum, daylight-balanced light with a CRI of 94. Each of Hive’s universal orientation bulbs last for 10,000+ hours and generates little-to-no heat.

The Wasp Plasma Par has been redesigned to work in a modular, customizable system. Featuring a tight 10-degree beam, one Wasp Par can do the work of smaller HMIs on set. But for those who need brighter fixtures, the Pars can be easily combined into arrays, known as Hive Killer Maxis.

A 6-Light Killer Maxi, featuring the new Wasp Plasma Pars, produces an output equivalent to a 4,000W HMI when plugged into a single wall socket. With each Par running off just 276 watts, it is possible to plug in as many as 12 lamps to house power without extra generators or cabling.

Each Wasp Plasma Par and Killer Maxi array features Hive’s Daylight Dial, offering tunable color temperature (in Kelvin) from 4,800K-7,000K. The Dial is calibrated to prevent any green/magenta shift with virtually no dimming (<10%) and offer the ability to shift all the way to a deep blue moonlight. The Daylight Dial allows the user to track the natural shift of the sun over the course of a day, as well as warm or cool a scene creatively without the use of gels. The Wasp Par can be combined with a variety of standard accessories, including lenses and soft-boxes.

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