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SGO Adds Support for New NVIDIA Quadro K5200


NVIDIA's new Quadro K5200.
NVIDIA’s new Quadro K5200.
SGO announced that its new generation of Mamba FX and Mistika products will include new NVIDIA Quadro K5200 graphics boards, which provide higher performance and greater data handling capability than the previous generation Quadro.

“The NVIDIA Quadro K5200 is the perfect partner for SGO’s Mamba FX. With phenomenal performance and 8GB of on-board memory, visual effects compositors can work at even higher resolutions, bit depths and frame rates with ever more complex composites, while maintaining industry-leading throughput,” said SGO’s CEO, Miguel Angel Doncel.

“Our new Quadro line-up is at the center of visual computing workflows,” explained Greg Estes, VP enterprise marketing and gm of media & entertainment at NVIDIA. “SGO’s highly optimized programming with NVIDIA’s advanced graphics processing have enabled SGO Mistika and Mamba FX to provide ground-breaking real-time postproduction environments for 4K, stereo 3D and high-frame rate productions.”

NVIDIA Quadro K5200 graphics boards will be supported in Mistika’s V8.4 software and Mamba FX’s version 2.0, showcased this month at IBC in Amsterdam.

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