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Innovision Optics Introduces Wally Camera Tracking System


Movie Engineering's new Wally 2.
Innovision Optics introduced the new Wally 2 Axes mobile camera support system by Movie Engineering. Wally 2 Axes is a wall-mounted track system that allows camera operators to capture unique views for television productions, major national and international news feeds, or live performance without impeding or restricting the visuals by shooting from the floor.

Wally 2 Axes was conceived to assist a client who needed to mount a tracking system along the balcony wall of a theater without disturbing the sight line for the audience on the second floor. Their additional requirement was not to see a traveling camera or loops of cable running during the performance.

With Innovision’s input, Movie Engineering designed a motor control and camera platform that would run on a dual track mounted horizontally that could be hung on a wall, without disturbing the sight lines of the audience. Instead of cables on trolleys hanging on loops behind the Wally, the cable is hidden in a cable channel tray, hiding cables from sight as it travels back and forth along the track. The Wally 2 Axes allows a box camera and standard broadcast lens combination of up to 12 pounds to move along a path the shape of the wall or around a bend.

The operator can sit at a monitor located as far as half a mile from the installation. Connection is made via phone-line type data cable, and control is achieved by console and foot pedal through a PC running a software program specially designed for Wally 2 Axes.

This new system is installed in the newly designed Moody Theater in Austin, Texas for the PBS series Austin City Limits.

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