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Big Block Launches Digital Production Studio in Santa Monica


Big Block, a new digital production and design studio, has launched in Santa Monica. The venture is headed by business developer Scott Benson, executive producer Kenny Solomon and SWAY Studio founder and creative director Mark Glaser. The partners are backed by a significant institutional investor, which also provides for the launch of a software development group and pending expansion to New York to take advantage of production tax incentives.

Big Block will specialize in digital automotive content, VFX, design and finishing for feature films, television, web, gaming and mobile platforms, building on Glaser’s experience and his innovative proprietary technologies. Joining Big Block’s key management will be members of Glaser’s creative and production team, as well as new talent specializing in automotive imagery, beauty and retouching.

The investment opportunity enables Big Block to offer expanded services and “creative think tank” resources, more efficient workflow and faster turnaround, more competitive cost structure and new equipment. Technology research and proprietary software development in the area of car-related imagery will be a high priority for the new company.

Benson is an entrepreneur whose specialty lies in growth strategy and operational plans for start up companies in the technology space. He is experienced in digital asset management and advertising distribution services, as well as business process engineering and enterprise resource planning at the Fortune 500 level.

Solomon was a founding partner of The Syndicate, a Clio, BDA and Emmy Award-winning creative design, branding and digital production studio specializing in live action direction, visual effects and color grading for commercials, feature films, television and music videos. The Syndicate has worked with top agencies, networks, directors and studios on content that has been seen around the world.

In 2001 Glaser, a former CG supervisor, founded SWAY Studio, which has among its credits visual effects for CGI-intensive commercials for Chevy Cobalt, BMW, MINI Countryman, Scion tC, Budweiser and Burger King; promos for Showtime‘s hit series Dexter, and feature films such as 2012.

“We have assembled a fantastic creative team from the VFX and design community,” said Solomon, managing director at Big Block. “We want to own the digital automotive content niche and evolve the industry. We understand the art of visual narration and we believe that our strong strategic partnerships, steady financial backing and proprietary techniques will allow Big Block to deliver amazing work for our clients and their brands.”

Big Block is configured with a broad array of software, including 3D Studio Max, Nuke and Flame, as well as the company’s recently completed proprietary driving simulation software, which simulates the physics of driving in real time 3D.

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