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J.L. Fisher Hosts 7th Annual Mixer And BBQ


J.L. Fisher hosted its 7th Annual Mixer and BBQ lunch last weekend, in conjunction with the SOC, ICG and ASC.

The popular event, held at J.L. Fisher’s Burbank facility, offered cinematographers, camera operators, 1st ACs, grips and other attendees a chance to mingle with manufacturers and rental facilities in a relaxed and cordial setting.

Exhibitors included Anton Bayer, 3ality Technica, Panavision Remote Systems, BandPro, Mole-Richardson, Matthews Studio Equipment, Innovision Optics, Filmtools, Camera Dynamics (O’Connor), Arriflex (Cameras and Lighting), Burrell Enterprises, Hot Gears, Kino Flo, Radiant Images, ZGC, Inc. Local 80, Geo Film Group, Barger Light, Tiffen and The Camera House.

The SOC’s Bonnie Blake moderated the “Moving Camera Operation” seminar with members of the SOC, Local 600 (Camera Guild) and Local 80 (Grips). The seminar focused on the working relationship between the DP, camera operator, 1st AC, key grip and dolly Grip when using dollies and jib arms.

In the afternoon, George Spiro Dibie, ASC moderated a dialogue with ASC Cinematographers.

At the event, the SOC raised money to support The Vision Center at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, which helps children with impaired eyesight.

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