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Litepanels Introduces Inca Series Tungsten Balanced LED Fresnels


Litepanels recently introduced its Inca Series tungsten balanced LED Fresnel fixtures. The new Inca LED lighting fixtures derive their name from the “incandescent” lighting fixtures they replace. Inca Fresnels incorporate LEDs that are color-matched to the incandescent tungsten halogen lighting fixtures still in use in many television stations and teleproduction facilities. The Inca Series makes it possible for a studio to change over from incandescent to LED fixtures in a staged, multi-year plan, rather than having to do so all at once.

“With our new Inca Series Fresnels, production studios can begin realizing the financial benefits of LED lighting without requiring a facility to convert to daylight balanced light fixtures,” said Chris Marchitelli, Litepanels VP of global marketing. “The greatly reduced energy consumption of Litepanels LED fixtures provides an ROI of less than three years, which make them an obvious choice for any studio. Now customers have the flexibility of choosing tungsten or daylight balanced output.”

Tungsten balanced Inca 4 (4-inch/10cm lens) and Inca 6 (6-inch/15cm lens) Fresnel fixtures are the first members of the series. Inca 4 focuses from 72° to 13°, and Inca 6 focuses from 67° to 15°. Both provide dimming from 100% to 0 with no noticeable shift in color temperature. Focus and dimming can be controlled via DMX 512 protocol, or by on-fixture knobs.

The Inca 4 and Inca 6 use less than 10% of the power consumed by conventional tungsten halogen fixtures. The Inca 4 draws about 39W, and provides comparable illumination to a 300W traditional tungsten Fresnel. The Inca 6 draws approximately 104W, and provides comparable illumination to a 650W traditional tungsten Fresnel.

Because Litepanels LED fixtures run cool to the touch, there is an additional savings in the power it takes to cool a studio.

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