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London Live Builds Automated Studio with MRMC Robotic Systems


LR-Robots shown at BVE2014Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) announced that London Live, a new 24-hour entertainment channel devoted to local London issues, will rely on a unique collection of broadcast robotic systems from MRMC. The channel is scheduled to launch at the end of March.

Working with Mark Roberts Motion Control and Nikon, London Live has helped develop a new state-of-the-art robotic system, featuring a nine axis robotic arm at the heart of the automated studio. Additionally, five robotic heads, carrying cameras and teleprompters, will work together to provide a complete automated studio environment. The channel will be broadcasting live using Nikon D800 and D4 series cameras for a full-frame 35mm cinematic effect.

LR-Robots shown at BVE2014 B“This exciting new solution combines the stunning image quality that Nikon is famed for, with the precision that comes from MRMC robotics to offer a state-of-the-art automated workflow for London Live,” said Steve Boland, broadcast business development manager at MRMC. “By working with the 24/7 TV channel we’ve been able to develop a cost-effective solution that allows broadcasters to operate in niche demographic markets, catering for regional broadcast requirements.”

“Building a television channel from scratch has given us an exciting opportunity to source the most innovative new technology and find less traditional and more cost-effective ways of doing things,” explained Bryn Balcombe, technology director, London Live. “Mark Roberts Motion Control’s broadcast robotics solution will be perfect for our new London-based studio, allowing us to provide fast-paced, 24 hour broadcasting without compromising the image quality for our viewers.”

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