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Goldfrapp and Cap Gun Collective Present the Tales Of Us Theatrical Event


A still from Goldfrapp's Tales of Us.
A still from Goldfrapp’s Tales of Us.

Mute Records recording artists Goldfrapp will soon make a movie theater appearance. Following the release of “Tales Of Us,” the sixth studio album for music duo Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, the 35-minute film Tales of Us will screen on March 4 for one night only with an intimate live performance to follow.

The film was directed by Lisa Gunning and produced by international commercial production company Cap Gun Collective, in partnership with its hybrid production studio, Cap Gun TV. Cap Gun is affiliated with Whitehouse Post, where Gunning has worked as an editor since 1993. Tales of Us represents Gunning’s directorial debut. She also receives credit for writing the film’s script, as well as editing and co-producing the film.

According to Gunning, an idea she had written inspired both members of Goldfrapp, which led to a meeting with Mute Records executives and producer John Moule. “Somehow, in the space of half an hour, one film became three films, became five films, became one big film,” said Gunning.

In the past, Goldfrapp has stated that she is uncomfortable making videos, but the opportunity to collaborate artistically with her girlfriend, Gunning, proved a different experience. “It was the first time I’ve worked with my partner,” said Goldfrapp. This collaboration included scouring the countryside for a crumbling mansion in which to film “Drew,” one of the film’s five pieces. The team eventually found a perfect old mansion in Wiltshire, UK.

The final film is woven together from five individual tales coinciding with tracks from “Tales Of Us.” To produce the series over the past two years and complete the work, Gunning worked closely with Cap Gun Collective, UK, executive producer Ollie Allgrove and producer Stephanie Zari. Between late 2012 and mid-2013, the team filmed on locations in UK and Los Angeles, including a former cold war bunker in Southeast England. Among their primary tools were digital cameras including the ARRI Alexa, RED Epic and Canon 5D, with Brian Strange serving as director of photography for all the story pieces except for “Laurel,” which had Christian Bruno as its DP. Gunning cut everything on her laptop from home and worked with Goldfrapp to get approvals before presenting the pieces to the record company.

Postproduction eventually included Carbon VFX. Carbon composited the five pieces into one master film with transitions, in addition to creating the film’s handwritten titles, from Gunning’s own handwriting. Credit also goes to Absolute Post and Technicolor for additional finishing, and to Pure Soho for handling the film’s final mix.

For more information about the event, click here.

Goldfrapp ‘Tales Of Us’ Film (Theatrical Trailer) from Mute on Vimeo.

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