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Manios Digital & Film Showcases Kinotehnik Accessories at NAB


LR-KinotehnikLCDVF3CAt NAB 2014, Manios Digital & Film will showcase the full product line from Kinotehnik, a designer of camera accessories, including newly-upgraded versions of its LCDVF and LCDVFe viewfinders for DSLRs.

Kinotehnik’s LCDVF now includes diopter correction as a standard feature. Designed to allow photographers to take advantage of the video features of current generation DSLRs and compact cameras, LCDVF is a lightweight loupe that mounts around the camera’s LCD display via a universal magnetic mount and provides 200% (2x) magnification. The diopter correction option adds a metal thread that accommodates 37mm diopter adjustment lenses. “It’s a wonderful addition for users with less than perfect vision,” said Kinotehnik sales and marketing director Lars-Erik Hion. “We accomplished it without adding weight or compromising the ease of use.”

LR-LCDVFE-remoteLCDVFe is a universal, production-style viewfinder that works with any camera that has HDMI signal output. It’s lightweight (12.3 oz) and features a sharp (800X480) three-inch color display, as well as live video processing. The device has been upgraded to add a remote control option via an external USB joystick. “We’re constantly looking for ways to make this viewfinder more ergonomic and convenient,” said Hion.

Also on display will be Kinotehnik’s HD-SHI to HDMI Convertor, a low-cost accessory that allows LCDVFe to be used with cameras that lack HDMI output, such as the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. The aluminum converter fits to 15-mm mounting hole so that it can be installed to any rig system.

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