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Richard Brick Passes Away at 68


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Richard Brick
Richard Brick

Former Commissioner of New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting Richard Brick passed away on Tuesday at the age of 68.

Brick retired from his teaching role at Columbia University School of the Arts last summer for medical reasons. Brick received his MFA in Film from Columbia in 1970 and started teaching in 1983. During his 30 years at the school, Brick served as co-chair, chair, professor, and, most recently, adjunct professor.

He was also active in the Directors Guild of America, having joined the guild in 1981. Brick was a member of the DGA’s Eastern AD/UPM Council for more than a decade, serving as the council’s first vice chair for four years while also chairing several of the council’s sub-committees. Brick served on the DGA’s negotiating committee in 2011, was a national board convention delegate for five election cycles and was a member of the PAC leadership council since 2006.

Brick served as the commissioner of New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting from 1992-1994.

“Richard spent years in service to his fellow members, advocating passionately on behalf of his assistant director and unit production manager colleagues,” said DGA president Paris Barclay. “As a former New York City film commissioner, Richard had a unique perspective about the needs of our members within the broader entertainment community, giving him valuable experience that he called upon to better protect our creative and economic rights. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.”

“An outspoken advocate and a dedicated guild member, Richard never took no for an answer when he believed something better could be done on behalf of his fellow members,” said DGA associate national executive director/eastern executive director Russ Hollander. “He never shied away from a difficult question or a tough conversation if he believed it could make a difference. He was one of a kind and we will miss him.”

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