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Panavision Rolls Out Primo 70 Lenses at Camerimage


Panavision Primo 70 Lenses
Panavision Primo 70 Lenses
Panavision will showcase its new line of Primo 70 lenses at the 22nd annual Camerimage International Film Festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland, Nov. 15-22.

Panavision Primo 70s are specifically designed to work with today’s larger sensors, while preserving the organic flavor, pleasing bokeh and gradual focus roll-off that DPs are accustomed to. The result is more consistency from edge to edge and sharper corners.

“Panavision Primo lenses have set the standard for excellence in motion picture production for 25 years,” said Kim Snyder, Panavision’s president and CEO. “Now, filmmakers can combine that essential Primo character with the larger sensors found in the latest digital cameras.”

Panavision Primo 70 prime lenses are available in 11 focal lengths: 27mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm. Super 70 zoom lenses are also available in three sizes: 28-80mm, 70-185mm and 200-400mm. The Primo 70 series are equivalent in size and weight to standard Primos, a feature driven by the need for portability and maneuverability on today’s film sets.

Primo 70 lenses have already been tested in the field under real-world production scenarios, including two feature films and several commercials.

“The 70mm Primos are beautiful – just amazing,” said Peter Menzies Jr., ACS about his experience using them on a feature film. “I have never seen lenses that hold their sharpness and contrast across the entire frame… They are also light, fast and the lens sizes in the kit are perfect. The two zooms we used are excellent – incredibly close to the primes.”

“The Panavision 70mm lenses have a grand look,” said Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS who relied on the Primo 70s for a commercial shoot. “Their visual language is significantly different than 35mm. The focus falls off quickly and beautifully. As a cinematographer, this allows me to tell a different story.”

Primo 70 lenses are not compatible with film cameras, as they are specifically designed to work with digital cameras, but the internal mechanics retain a familiar Primo feel. Floating internal elements control breathing and allow the lens to maintain high performance from infinity to close focus.

Currently, Panavision has made Primo 70 mounts for the Sony F55, RED DRAGON, ARRI Alexa (standard and Open Gate), Phantom Flex4K and Phantom 65, with other cameras being assessed for compatibility. The lenses are available to rent from Panavision worldwide.

“The cinematographers who have used these lenses reported that they were very happy that we didn’t create something that is synthetic or too scientifically sharp,” said Panavision’s Dan Sasaki, VP of optical engineering. “Cinematographers tell us that the character of the lens is even more important with digital cinematography. We maintained the artistry, and preserved the dimensionality that was originally designed for the Primos back in the 1990s.”

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